About us

So, who are we?

We're Loïs (Frenchie) and Veerle (Dutchie). We met three summers ago in France, where both of us were working to save some money for a big trip to Asia. Feeling a good connection and vibe, we decided to meet up again in Sri Lanka. This is where the journey began...

It started with a big adventure...

In Hirikitiya (Sri-Lanka) we were quick to find the most beautiful beach to go surfing. We stayed with a super nice local family and became good friends with their son who is our age. We had a good time cruising around in his TukTuk, and make lot of good memories. The idea to create beach-style longsleeves and t-shirts was beginning to get shape!
After having spent some time in India as well, we decided to go to Thailand. When Loïs was working in Bangkok for a few month on his previous visit to Thailand, he made some Thai friends that we were planning to hit up.
Right after we arrived in Bangkok, we were asked to join one of the friend's family to join the family vacation. We spent 'Songkran' (the traditional Thai New Year festival which is basically one big waterfight) in the north-east of Thailand, where they probably never had seen tourists before. As you can imagine, it was an unforgettable holiday. Despite the language barrier, we had a really good time and were able to communicate with the people.
During our frequent pool session we learned one important Thai word and so the name of our brand was born : SUAY
The word Suay in Thai means that something or someone is beautiful. It can be used for any moment and things like: "the weather is Suay today", "such a Suay outfit", "having a Suay shot at pool".


Ever since the beginning of our brand, we try to be as sustainable as possible. In this blog article, we show you how we print the designs ourselves.We use non-chemical ink for the prints and recycled paper for the packages. However it was quiet hard to find a sustainable supplier for our clothes.
The last couple of months we looked for ways to significantly reduce our environmental impact. We worked really hard on finding a supplier who fit our vision of sustainability. Our ambition is also our new year's resolution. In 2021 we strive to sell only recycled / organic cotton.
Besides, we want to make sustainable clothing affordable and sexy for students like ourselves.
You can check our blog article explaining why organic cotton is better for you and for the planet.

"Together we can make a positive impact on the world"